Best Places in the World to Go Hang Gliding

It’s a lifelong sport that is exhilarating and something that everyone should try at least once! Here are 10 of the very best places to go hang gliding in the world. Add them to your adventure travel bucket list!

Compared to paragliders, hang gliders are heavier and are able to travel at much faster speeds through the air. It is possible to fly for hours and for long distances while hang gliding, as long as the proper altitude is reached and maintained. According to the U.S. Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association, the world record for hang gliding is 475 miles!

Hang gliding is an adventure sport that’s both recreational and competitive, and it’s a ton of fun! It involves flying a light aircraft commonly crafted with an aluminum, carbon fiber, or stainless steel frame with a sailcloth to create a wing. Hang gliding pilots are harnessed to the frame and control their movements by shifting their body weight and soaring to great heights.

Interlaken District, Swizerland (Hotel Prices & Photos)

One of the best places to hang glide in Europe is Interlaken, Switzerland. Local guide companies here will tailor the flight to your needs and wishes to make it as calm or extreme as you like. Many of the flights here average 15-26 minutes, depending on the wind conditions. But plan on about two hours for the adventure to include transportation and instruction. Alongside your pilot, you just have to take between four and eight steps for the take-off, and passengers between four and 85 years of age have experienced these tandem rides.

Kahului, Hawaii (Hotel Prices & Photos)

The Hawaiian Islands are an unbelievable place to go hang gliding, no matter what island you’re on! One of the best places to set off from though is Kahului. You’ll see tropical forests, the Pacific Ocean, rugged cliffs, and luscious plains as you rise above the earth and experience this popular tourist spot from above. Hang Gliding Maui is a local outfitter in Kahului that offers 30-minute lessons for $190, 45-minute lessons for $250, and 60-minute lessons for $310. Helicopter and balloon tours are also popular ways to see Kahului from the sky. Don’t miss the Maui Swap meet, a popular street market here as well.


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