The Best Websites to Find Budget Accommodation

Other than flights, where you sleep will often be the biggest expense while you travel. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you get the best deals.

Here’s some great websites, I use, to find budget accommodation!

Rent unique accommodations from local hosts in 190+ countries.

Here’£25 AirBnB travel credit, just sign-up, for free!

Airbnb EMEA

What I like (Global)

I only recently discovered and it is great! If you opt for hotels or hostels, you should always double check Agoda. 95% of the time they will offer the cheapest deals for the same rooms you’ll find double the price elsewhere.

What I like

Easily discover, book, and enjoy the world’s best places to stay.

What I like


Similar to, HostelBookers is good for finding the best deals on accommodation.

What I like

  • Easy to use
  • Trusted reviews


Couchsurfing kept me safe and welcome in Thailand on one of my first adventures!

I spent 1 month, hopping from one couch to another. Sharing stories with like-minded people and meet-ups with travellers from around the world.

And it doesn’t always involve an uncomfortable sleep. One local welcomed me to his home in Bangkok, he offered me a spare bed with unlimited use of his rooftop swimming pool and gym! We shared dinner, he introduced me to his friends and showed me a different side of Bangkok that I wouldn’t have seen if it wasn’t for Couchsurfing.

Not bad for a couch! Excuse the poor photo quality. iPotato 2015.

What I like

  • Experience somewhere from a local’s perspective
  • Even if you don’t couchsurf, check out Couchsurfing events happening near you to connect with like-minded travellers


Be a super-wanderer. Give back to the world you love exploring by booking with

What I like

  • Encourages sustainable tourism
  • You can choose from one of five social causes
  • Give back to social causes with every reservation at no extra cost

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